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Great food and very consistent good taste every time. I'm happy I found this best Indian restaurant in this city. This is my 3rd time order from this restaurant. Staff is so welcoming and attentive. Delivery is quick & free with in 5miles.

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Hyderabadi Chicken Dum Biryani : Nice quantity and great taste. Best Biryani in NC.
XPRX Special Goat Curry: I really loved this curry brought back my tastes from Andhra.
Naan & Roti : Packed nice to keep it warn. Good. As usual like other restaurants.


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The ordering was easy, delivery was prompt, the food packed tight and clean. We've ordered many different items so the staff had written what each container holds, a nice touch!
Now the food - everything was absolutely delicious. The Gobi 65-special cauliflower was spicy, hot and spectacular. Below is what was for dinner last night and everyone raved how good the food is.
Vegetable Fried Momo
XPRX Special Fish Curry
Gobi 65
Palak Paneer
Bullet Naan
Egg Bonda


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Such delicious food! Such wonderful customer service! I can't say enough good things about this place. Their chili chicken is otherworldly. So many rich, warm, and spicy flavors in the gravy, and the chicken is perfectly breaded and tender. Then there's the Indian tea. I have zero idea what goes into this liquid magic, but it is so balanced and just perfectly sweet. Needless to say, Biryani Xprx has a loyal customer in this patron. ^-^


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All I can say is wow! So glad to have finally tried this place after hearing so many good things. I loved how the food was really spicy when I asked for it to be - too many places tone it down. The Bullet Naan was remarkable - incredibly spicy and I loved every bite. The house biryani with the chicken 65 in it was to die for, among the best biryanis Ive ever had. All the other food was great too. 10/10, would eat again.


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Great food! It is authentically spiced, so be prepared for a little heat. It would seem that they associated with Biryani Maxx, as some of the dishes are the same. Both restaurants are equally good and I would recommend either of them if you like really good Indian food that is authentically spiced. I've ordered from both and you can't go wrong!

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Great food and very generous portions! I especially loved the cauliflower appetizer...


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Great food, reasonable costs

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